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MJ's not just a bakery but a whole lot more ...


MJ's has been created exclusively for those who appreciate good taste and quality at affordable prices. With thirty-five years of experience from working in the United Kingdom we bring you the true taste of all kinds of fantastic products, not just bakery items. Pizzas and Subs made without all those additives, Cakes and pastries made using pure butter and/or cholesterol free corn oil, pasteurized cream and true tasting chocolate; breads made with fresh yeast and a correct blend of flours; continental breads made with true sour dough; exclusive cream cheese cakes made with our own cream cheese and flavoured with imported real fruit flavours and toppings; Soft large cookies and loose biscuits with a difference; Naan softer than ever with delicious BBQ to enjoy on a beautiful lawn with wooden benches and a bouncy castle for children; true Italian Gelato soft, smooth and indulgent..need we say more? Now announcing the opening of our new Coffee House, a home from home, come and taste what real freshly ground coffee is all about. Be proud to know that Coffee originated from Arabia, a drink of the Arabs and from there was exported all over the world and adopted by Europeans as their favourite drink. Come and enjoy a new experience at MJ's Coffee House, above MJ's Specialties, Street 14, Sector F10/2, Islamabad

Our Vision

To prove that even in Pakistan we can have fantastic quality products made from local ingredients and with local personnel, all we require is motivation and determination to stand up and be counted. Our conviction is to source and use local ingredients as much as possible and use imported ingredients only where the same is not available in Pakistan, at all times to ensure that all ingredients are 100% halal. _______________________ Just check out all our products from bakery items to fast food items like pizza and subs - all are made with high quality ingredients (free from additives) and at significantly lower prices than many other highly acclaimed outlets, you just have to give MJ's a try and see what you have been missing!

Coffee House

For serious lovers of coffee, for those who know their coffee beans, for those connoisseurs of fresh ground coffee MJ's coffee House brings to your neighbourhood a fantastic selection of coffee drinks from well known espressos and cappuccinos to latte macchiato and cafe con panna. We invite you to our house to enjoy a total new experience. MJ's coffee House presents a fresh new ambience to calm, soothe and relax in a quiet smoke-free, noise free environment. Just perfect to complete your thesis, conclude that business contract and finalise those preparations for that important event or just enjoy a quiet time with friends musing over our art exhibits. Experience new coffees such as Latte Macchiato, Caramel Latte, Mocha or Espresso or the all time popular creamy Cappuccino. Try fantastic cold coffee such as Caffe affogato, Vanilla Mocha or Hazelnut iced coffee amongst others